3 days ago

Voices of Cork

Blarney Street CBS
Ms. Murphy's 1st Class have a very special message, in both English and Irish Sign Language, for all those who are so good to them!
Thank you to Nat "King" Cole for the inspiration (via Ms. Griffin)!
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1 week ago

Voices of Cork

BBC Radio 4
According to this study, singing can improve your mental health. 🎶🎤😲

(via BBC Two)
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Hayley O Connell Vaughan

David Hogan

3 weeks ago

Voices of Cork

Hi all
St Patrick's School have been in touch and they can't let us use the school tonight on health and safety issues.

In the meantime don't forget that the lines for our new songs are available on the website to have a rehearsal in the comfort of your own home.
Stay safe and warm and hope to see you all again next week.
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1 month ago

Voices of Cork

Hi Voices,

Just a reminder that we're back at choir tonight. Music list for this term is -
Lion Sleeps Tonight (score sent previously)
3 Minute Messiah (score sent previously)
Rhythm of Life (parts on website)
Mr.Blue Sky (score sent by email this week)
Bohemian Rhapsody (parts on website).

See you later 😀
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